• Frequently Asked Questions
    Is the house I'm buying or leasing located in Midlothian ISD?
    Check our attendance zones to make sure an address is located within Midlothian ISD. You can also view zones by street address or subdivision/neighborhood. If your address or future address falls near the District boundary, you may wish to contact us to verify attendance.
    Can I choose the school my child attends?

    Midlothian ISD schools are assigned based on where a student lives. Attendance zones are adjusted when the District opens new schools and policies are in place to make the transition as smooth as possible.
    If I rent until I buy a house, can I enroll my child at the school where I plan to purchase a home?
    You can enroll your child in a neighborhood school when you have leased a home or have a contract to buy or build a house. If you rent in an area prior to making a final neighborhood choice, your child can begin school in the campus that serves your rental home and then transfer to their new neighborhood school when your family is ready to buy or build a home. Our curriculum is aligned across MISD to make such transitions easy on the academic level. 
    Can a family member or friend other than a parent/legal guardian enroll a student in MISD?
    Only the parent/legal guardian is allowed to register a child. The parent's name should be listed on the child's birth certificate or another legal document establishing proof of guardianship.