Schedule Changes:

      -Students must complete a schedule change request using the appropriate form

      -This form must be brought to the counselors by the student

      -Conversation and signature from both teachers involved in the class change must be included on form

      - No class add/drops will be allowed after the 2nd week of school 

    Teacher Changes:

    -Typically, teacher changes are not an option. However, there is a process we follow if all parties involved believe that would be the best option.

        Process for requesting a teacher change:

                 - Parent, teacher, administrator and student will need to meet to discuss the reasons for the request.

                 - The student's parent begins the process by emailing the student's administrator and teacher to set up a conference time (If you would like a counselor to attend the conference, include the counselor in the email.).

                 - After the conference, the administrator will let the counselor know if the change is going to take place or if the student is going to remain in the class.


    Please note:

    **Not all changes are fulfilled for various reasons, therefore the student should continue going to his or her current class until a new schedule is received.

    **At certain times of the year, schedule changes may take more than 1 day.

    **Any time a student asks for a schedule change there is a possibility that other courses may move as well. If a student is not ok with this, then he or she should not ask for the change. We will do our best to move as little as possible.