• Emergency Guide for Parents

    Should an emergency occur, a parent could get information and directions by the following methods:

    • MISD website 
    • MISD Facebook & Twitter
    • Blackboard Connect Mass Notification System will email and call parents

    To prepare for an emergency:

    • Provide accurate emergency contact information to your child’s school.
    • Identify to the school who is authorized to pick your child up in an emergency, make sure this is listed on your student’s emergency information card.
    • Update phone numbers with the school if they change throughout the school year 
    What to do during a school emergency:
    • If there is an emergency at one of the Midlothian ISD schools, wait for official instructions that will be communicated using Blackboard Connect, the Midlothian ISD website, and/or Facebook. This telephone message will inform you of what has happened and what you should do (if anything). 

    • Please do not call the school. Phone lines and staff are needed for emergency response efforts. 

    • Please do not go to the school unless instructed. Traffic jams impede the movement of emergency vehicles and can make a difficult situation worse. 

    • Students will be kept in school or at a neighboring school or other shelter until the end of the school day if 
possible. If you are asked to pick up your child, the reunification site and the time when you can meet your child will be announced by school officials using the Midlothian ISD website, Blackboard Connect, and/or Facebook. 

    • When you go to the reunification site, bring a picture ID (e.g., driver’s license, passport, etc.) and check in with school officials. 

    • Students will be released to parents or guardians who have acceptable identification and who are named on the student emergency information card. 

    • If a legal guardian cannot pickup a child, the child will remain at the reunification site.