Dolores W. McClatchey Elementary

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Pillar of the Month


For the month of January, we are going to focus on the pillar of Responsibility! Responsibility is green because it reminds us of fiscal responsibility as well as our duty to take care of our earth. This month we are reviewing this important pillar to kick off 2017 in order to refocus and reset our minds with the valuable components of responsibility. Many people create resolutions in January in order to set goals as a way to start anew and begin again. The idea of a new year with a clean slate helps many zone in on what one wants to achieve in a new year. The pillar of responsibility tells us that a person of character is able to meet the demands of duty, is accountable, pursues excellence, and exercises self-control. These key ideas are great talking points to work with our students as we embark upon our spring semester. How can you help reinforce this with your family? What does self-discipline look like at home and at school? What does perseverance mean and can you give an example? When someone always does their best, what are those positive consequences as a result? I hope you will take time this month to discuss Responsibility with your student as we kick of a new year at DME! 

Last month's pillar...

For the month of December, we focused on the pillar of CaringCaring is red because it reminds us that compassion towards others comes from the heart. With the holiday season quickly approaching, we often times use the season of giving to teach and model for our children what it means to serve others. Having a heart of compassion and an attitude of gratitude are important beliefs to instill in our young people. While it can be difficult to teach that kindness should be given to everyone, even those who do not seem worthy at times; it is vital to reinforce that mercy and forgiveness are key components of caring. Empathy alone often isn't enough. If you put it into action, it becomes kindness. How can you show caring this month? What lessons can you teach your children with small, meaningful actions? Modeling is the best way to make an impact. I hope your family is able to slow down and take time this season to put compassion into action!  
The Great Kindness Challenge
In January, we are going to be a part of The Great Kindness Challenge. Many of our grade levels began a journey of spreading acts of kindness for the month of December. That sparked an idea that we need to focus on kindness each and every day. DME is going to participate in a challenge to spread kindness with small acts all year long, hoping that students will then take it upon themselves to be kind spontaneously in their own interactions with others. Stay tuned for more news on how you can help and show us what you are doing at home! To read more about it, click here.