Pillar of the Month


  • For the month of January, we will focus on the pillar of Responsibility! Responsibility is green because it reminds us of fiscal responsibility as well as our duty to take care of our earth. This month we will review this important pillar to kick off 2018 in order to refocus and reset our minds with the valuable components of responsibility. Many people create resolutions in January in order to set goals as a way to start anew and begin again. The idea of a new year with a clean slate helps many zone in on what one wants to achieve in a new year. The pillar of responsibility tells us that a person of character is able to meet the demands of duty, is accountable, pursues excellence, and exercises self-control. These key ideas are great talking points to work with our students as we embark upon our spring semester. How can you help reinforce this with your family? What does self-discipline look like at home and at school? What does perseverance mean and can you give an example? When someone always does their best, what are those positive consequences as a result? I hope you will take time to discuss Responsibility with your student as we kick of a new year at DME!

  • The Great Kindness Challenge - January 22-26

    This month we will embark upon The Great Kindness Challenge once again! DME first engaged in the challenge last year and it was such a big hit, we cannot wait to do it again! So what is The Great Kindess Challenge? It's simply a one week focus on doing for others and serving others with intentional acts of kindness. Why do it for only one week? Well we HOPE that by practicing intentional acts of kindness, students will then carry on those acts in their every day actions. In essence, one week of intentional kindness may turn into 365 days of kindness. The free website offers many activities and actions in which students and families can participate. Create a culture of kindness by making a committment to help our DME students positively impact those around them. You can see all of the information here

Last month's pillar...

  • The pillar of the month for December was CARINGCaring is red to remind us that it is the heart of ethics. Caring is understanding and showing compassion, kindness and generosity towards others. Displaying a concern for those in need and expressing empathy at appropriate times is a virtue that is vital to our ethical principles. Not only is caring shown by acts of charity and service, but also by providing forgiveness and mercy when seeking to impose justice on others. Most of the time, the holiday season brings about acts of caring in the form of donations or gift giving. However, teaching students that caring is needed 12 months out of the year is a message that we want to impose on our DME students. You can practice empathy, forgiveness, generosity and compassion every single day in your interactions with others!