Pillar of the Month


  • For the month of November, we are focusing on the pillar of CITIZENSHIP. Citizenship is purple to remind us of the Purple Heart award, given to those wounded or killed while serving. In school, we encourage our students to be good citizens by respecting the rules and rights of others. They can set examples for their peers to follow the rules, even when it may be inconvenient (i.e., walking in the hallway instead of running or waiting for a turn at the water fountain instead of cutting in line). Citizenship also means that students have the responsibility to volunteer to improve their school or community. LAMP time is a perfect example of students using their passions to improve the community around them. Being a good citizen at school even means refraining from all forms of bullying and unkind conduct. Demonstrating respectful conduct will improve the school climate where all students can feel safe. Finally, good citizenship includes taking conserving natural resources. Teaching students to reduce, reuse, and recycle will have lasting effects on our environment.


Last month's pillar...

  • For the month of October, we focused on the pillar of RESPECT!  Respect is yellow to remind us of the Golden Rule. We have so many opportunities to infuse the word RESPECT into our conversations with our students. Each teacher has taken the time to teach digital citizenship. This will be a continuous lesson when our students use technology. It is vital that students understand the importance of being kind, courteous, polite, and empathetic to each other, even when engaging in activities online. The month of October is also National Bullying Prevention Month. We want students to understand the importance of treating all individuals with respect, judging them on their character and ability without regard to race, religion, political ideology, gender, age, or other physical or personal characteristics. Finally, October is the month that we will recognize Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a drug prevention campaign that will focus on respecting ourselves by making healthy choices. Please join us this month to emphasize that RESPECT, the well-being and dignity of others, is a primary goal at DME!



  • Digital Citizenship

    Digital citizenship is a priority for teachers and parents to help today’s students navigate the complex way of communicating through technology. We want to teach our students to be safe and responsible while using devices - whether it be for learning or for fun. There are many factors that need to be covered including screen time, effective communication, cyberbullying, privacy/safety, and social media. How do you help your child maneuver through all of the facets involved when using technology? Unsure about how to start these conversations? Visit this digital citizenship resource! There is a parent tab loaded with information. If you don’t have time to browse through, consider using real-world examples and situations and apply it to technology. How do you treat others? What does that look like on a device? What are some ways you can protect your privacy and be safe online? If someone sends you something, what do you do? There are many, many open-ended questions that will begin the conversation. Keep in mind that digital citizenship cannot be a one time talk with your child. Technology is a part of their world and will continue to become more complex as they grow and change. Maintaining meaningful conversations is the key to a positive digital learning experience!