• Mission: Midlothian Heritage High School is a supportive learning community that empowers each other to embrace a tradition of excellence, innovation, collaboration, integrity, and respect.
    Motto: Expect Excellence From Ourselves and From Each Other Each Day
    Mascot: Jaguars 
    School Hours: 8:25 a.m. - 3:55 p.m.
    Year Opened: 2014
    School Song:  Listen
    We will make you proud Midlothian,
    Together standing tall.
    Our fighting spirit will shine on
    united through it all.
    Faithful to the red and blue,
    Proclaim the Jaguar name.
    Our Heritage we will stay true
    your legacy will reign.
    So join together one-and-all,
    and let our spirit soar.
    And hear the mighty jaguar sounding
    ROAR! ROAR!! ROAR!!!  

    Jaguar Fight Song: Listen
    O Heritage! O Heritage!
    Steady on to win!!! (Go Jags!)
    O Heritage! O Heritage!
    We will fight from what's within!!! (Go Jags!!!)
    We've a heart that beats with pride
    and we will stay true!
    We fight together strong
    O Heritage! O Heritage! 
    To you we will stay true!!!  (GO JAGS!!!)
    School colors:  Red, Blue & Chrome
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