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4th Annual Panther Chef Competition a Success

panther chef group pic

4th Annual Panther Chef Competition

Written by: Landy Allred, MISD Photojournalist Intern View Photo Gallery

On December 15th, Midlothian High School Culinary Arts students cooked up a storm in the black box room of Midlothian High School for their 4th Annual Panther Chef Competition. From 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., students of Jeff Matthews’s Culinary Arts class competed with their best meals.

The participants were split into 7 teams of 2, and were scored by various judges such as: Craig Pelletier, David Thomas, Destinee DeLos Santos, a previous cooking student from MHS. The theme this year was Asian Influence. Teams were given 30 minutes to complete their dish and 5 minutes for plating. They scored based on factors of: presentation, flavor, and how they incorporated the mystery ingredient into their planned foods.

panther chef winners


Culinary students, Ashley Cook and Lindsey Cole, took first place with a whopping 75 points. With their prized dish of Korean tacos, the two will go on to the Waco competition where they will compete against other schools. After accepting their trophy, the girls were ecstatic. They went on to discuss some of the hardest parts of this competition.

“Every single time you make it the flavors are a little different.  You have to keep making sure that they all go together. The hardest part is that we have the chicken and the slaw, but we feel like it improves every time, too,” the girls explained.


1st Place - Dill With It, 75 points

2nd Place - Queen Chefs, 68 points

3rd Place - Food Bandits, 67 points

4th Place - Brown Sugah, 66 points

5th Place - Kim and Cara, 65 points

6th Place - Butter Than You

7th Place - The Mexi-Asians