• Office Staff

    Principal: Hollye Walker email

    Assistant Principal: Haywood Thomas email

    Counselor: Lori Huff email

    Campus Behavior Coordinator: Haywood Thomas email

    Social/Emotional Support Specialist: Shanna Malone email

    Secretary: Norma Zavala email

    Nurse: Paula Williams, LVN email

    Attendance/PEIMS: Martha Martinez email

    Office Aide/Textbooks: Melissa Rodriguez email

    Counselor Secretary:  Summer Maynez email


    Pre-Kindergarten and PPCD

    Brenda White - PreK - Bilingual email

    Teressa Corbin - PreK- email

    Erika Lyons - PPCD email

    Claudia De La Rosa - PreK Aide - Bilingual email

    M'Lynne Miller - PPCD Aide email

    Estela Crawford - PPCD Aide email

    Darlene Stewart - PPCD Aide/Cafeteria Monitor email



    Pennie Toon* - email

    Betty Gomez - Bilingual email

    Shelly Ott - email

    Lynsey Peck - email

    Ashley Seeton - email


    First Grade

    Ashley Elliott* -  email

    Melody Brey - email

    Yvette Garakani - email

    Sarah Lang - email

    Veronica Pineda - Bilingual email

    Kelly Vent - Bilingual email

    Haley Irby - email


    Second Grade

    Kelsy Lopez* - email

    Amanda Mehringer - email

    Sarah Heugatter - email

    Carolina Cotton - Bilingual email

    Isabel Vela - Bilingual email


    Third Grade

    Amanda Key* - email

    Joan McGee - email

    Shelbie Tucker - email

    Naomi Simpson - email

    Ana Juarez - Bilingual email

  • Fourth Grade

    Carrie Morales* - email

    Tracey McKee - email

    Jenny Brown - email

    Ashley Forman - email

    Jennifer Williams - email

    Martha Franco - Bilingual email

    Keyla Drake - Bilingual  email


    Fifth Grade

    Maria Vasquez* - Bilingual email

    Sarah Williamson - email

    Jennifer Knight - email

    Jana Waggoner - email

    Kristen Sweeney - email  


    Support Staff

    Rachel Turner* - Title I Reading email

    Cindy Withrow - Title I Reading Aide email

    Kim Cavender - Title I Math email

    Cristina Rodriguez - Title I Math Aide email

    Marla Monreal - Bilingual Title I Reading & Math email

    Amber Koehler - ESL/MTA email

    Morgan Kim - ESL email

    Lynda McNeill - MTA email

    Elizabeth Mathews - Library Media Specialist email

    Jennifer Reed - iCoach email

    Nikie Mulkey - Communities in School email

    Casey Nelson - Gifted and Talented email

    Kim Moss - Gifted and Talented email

    Wendy Mendieta - ISS/Technology Aide email  


    Special Education

    Ashley Brasier* - Special Education Teacher email

    Dawn Chappell - Special Education Teacher email

    Rachel Andersen - Special Education Teacher email

    Judy Stice - Special Education Teacher email

    Melba Lofgren-Moreno - Speech - Bilingual email

    Cathy Oliveros - Speech email

    Kim Hymer - Inclusion Aide email

    Christy Glanton - Inclusion Aide email

    SanJuanita Hernandez - Diagnostician email



    Shanna Miller - Art  email

    Justin Griffith - Music email

    Craig Coker - PE email

    Amy Knight - PE Aide email


    * Lead Teacher