• Karena Blackwell  
     Karena Blackwell, Principal
  • Cari Nix  
    Cari Nix, Assistant Principal 




    Wonder Workshops and Genius Fridays… 

    Where students are igniting the spark
    to change the world!
    Students at Longbranch Elementary embark on new adventures in learning everyday! They have opportunities to discover their passion or genius as well as learn about some fun learning experiences through campus clubs and enrichment called Wonder Workshops.

    Albert Einstein says,” Creativity is intelligence having fun!”

    Wonder Workshops take place Monday-Thursday. During this time, students participate in exciting enrichment activities and clubs for grades 3-5. Some of the clubs include maker space, computer coding, Legos, running/fitness, dance, theater, choir, and more. This time is also utilized to support students in academic areas of weakness.

    Genius Fridays takes off the first hour of the day on Fridays, 7:35-8:15. Students first learn what their genius is; they research, collaborate and discover how they want to give back to the world. They are provided time to embrace their passions. During Genius Hour students in kindergarten and first grade rotate to different teachers and choose classes of their interest. Students in grades 3-5 work on their passion projects and have choices to attend genius activities in art, music, P.E. and library.

    George Couros says educators’ task is to spark curiosity that empowers students to learn on their own, to wonder, to explore, and to become leaders.
    We agree with him, and at Longbranch Elementary we are…Igniting the spark to change the world.



    Karena Blackwell, Principal

    Cari Nix, Assistant Principal