• Library Policies


    For Students

    Library Book Limit

    Students may check out three library books at a time.

    Length of Checkout Period

    Library books are due three weeks from the day they are checked out. If a student would like more time to read a book, he or she is welcome to renew the book for an additional three week period.

    Overdue, Lost, and Damaged Library Books

    At the time a library book is checked out, a "due date" is placed on the book. Students are responsible for returning books on time. Students will be reminded about any overdue books in their English Class.  Students will be expected to pay for the replacement cost of lost or damaged books. 

    Device Usage

    Computers, phones, tablets, and other smart devices can only be used in the library for school purposes. Just like any classroom, district policy is that students must have permission to use a device. So, Always Ask First before using a device in the library.


    For Staff

    Equipment Checkout Procedures

    To assure that equipment will be available when needed, be sure to make reservations at least one week in advance. Equipment can be picked up in the Library between 8:00 and 8:30 and is due back by 4:00 each day.

    Reserving a Cart of Books for Your Classroom

    Teachers may check out a cart of books on a subject being studied in class. Teachers are asked to consult with Mrs. Autry at least one week prior to the date when the books will be used. This is to ensure that the appropriate materials will be available. At the time of checkout, teachers will be given a list of all books checked out in their name.

    Reserving the Library

    Teachers may request that the a section of library tables be reserved for specific classes on specific days. This should be done at least one week in advance to ensure that space and materials will be available. However, teachers should be aware that since the Library operates on a completely flexible schedule, students with passes from other classes will be admitted to the library throughout the school day.