What is a Makerspace?

    How do Makerspaces Fit Into the Library?

    MISD libraries seek to empower all for a lifetime of learning by providing and promoting resources and tools in a variety of formats. In addition to traditional reading materials, when libraries offer tools and resources they allow patrons to further their research and learning through experimentation and creation. Even Ben Franklin, the founder of the public library, used library spaces for many of his early experiments!

    FSMS Makerspace Guidelines: 
    In this space, I will....
    What is 3D Printing & How Does it Work?
    FSMS Makerspace 3D Printing Levels:
    Makerspace Levels of Activity
     Progress through Makerspaces Badges for 3D Printing:
    Explorer: Join and set up your account in Tinkercad.com by letting Mrs. Shuffield know you want to set up an account; go to LEARN >>> JOIN A CLASS. Mrs. Shuffield will give you a 'nickname" (your ID # & first name) & access code.
    Voyager: Complete the basic lessons, then go to "Lessons > All Lessons" & find "Key Ring, Letters!" This will be your first 3D print. You will need the help of a Voyager (a student or adult with a little more experience)  to complete your first print, so let Mrs. Shuffield know when you're ready.
    Guide: Many experiences in 3D design and printing are required to become a Guide. You must also be very familiar with how to operate the Poly Printer. Watch this video and this video (make sure you're logged in to your school Google account),
    Designer: If you have mastered the Guide level,  now be a Design Student Leader (DSL) in 3D printing. Help other students learn to design and print while you continue designing more intricate 3D print challenges!


    FSMS Makerspace Activities: 
    Activities listed below are available before school, during Cub Academy (by sign-ups on "Tinker Tuesday/Thursday"), and during the day with a teacher
     & librarian permission
    Building for the purpose of developing creativity or for the purpose of problem-solving
    • Keva Planks
    • Legos
    • K'Nex
    • Marble Run
    • Rubik's Cubes (at specific times)
    Learning, manipulating and creating electrical circuitry in challenge-based activities
    • Snap Circuits
    • Little Bits
    • Make-Makey
    Learning, manipulating, and creating computer coding through challenge-based activities
    Writing, shooting, and editing video publications
    • Laptops/iPads
    • iMovie
    • Green Screen
    • Lights, Microphones
    • Claymation Supplies
    Creating, building, or programming robots
    • Cues
    • Ollies
    • Ozobots
    Creating a physical object by layering plastic filament or other material
    Creating works with string, yarn, or fabrics
    • Sewing
    • Weaving Loom
    • Crochet, Knitting
    Creating original works or designs with various materials
    • Mixed Media
    • Duct Tape
    • Origami
    • Cricut
    Creating original written works