Professional Applicants

    Applicants who are interested in a teaching or other professional position must include the following documents with their online application:
    • Current resume
    • Copy of valid teaching certification
    • Copy of transcripts from all universities and colleges attended (upon offer of employment, an official hard copy of your college transcripts must be sent to Human Resource Department)
    • Undergraduates: Letter of intent and/or letter of completion (if applicable)
    • Letter of acceptance in an alternative certification program (if applicable)
    Classified Applicants
    Paraprofessional, auxiliary and hourly positions: Business Office (non-certified), Central Administration (non-certified), Clerical/Secretarial, Custodial, Head Start/Child Care, Human Resources (non-certified), Maintenance, Technology (non-certified) and Transportation
    Applicants who are interested in one of the listed positions must include the following documents with online application:
    • Current resume
    • Proof of Education – Transcripts showing highest level attained in college or high school; copy of GED if appropriate.
    • Certifications held that pertain to the position (If applicable)