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    Benefits Overview 
    Midlothian ISD offers a variety of benefit plans for its employees. Medical healthcare plans (Aetna) are provided in partnership with TRS through the ActiveCare 1HD, Select, ActiveCare 2, and the HMO (Scott & White). Supplemental benefits are administered through US Employee Benefits (MISD's Third Party Administrator) and retirement plans through OMNI.

    Employees working a regular schedule of 10 or more hours per week may participate in the TRS-ActiveCare health insurance plans. Employees working a regular schedule of 17.5 hours or more per week may participate in the supplemental plans.
    Our medical plan year is September 1st through August 31st. A $275 benefit is paid towards the total premium cost of the TRS-ActiveCare health insurance plans for employees who are TRS eligible.

    Section 125/Cafeteria Plan Rules 
    The OMNI Group: MISD 403b and 457 Plan Administrator

    Visit omni403b.com, click on Participants at the top, select Texas and type Midlothian ISD in the Employer Plan Info box on the left. Call 877-544-6664 for more details or questions.

    403(b) Universal Availability Notice

    Useful Forms 

    Salary Reduction Agreement
    Aetna Claim Form
    Disability Claim Form
    Designation of Beneficiary
    Allstate Claim Forms
    Helpful Resources

    Aetna - 800-222-9205
    Caremark - 866-877-1555 (Prescription Drugs)
    Scott and White Health Plan 
    Lincoln Dental 800-423-2765
    Superior Vision 800-507-3800
    TASC (Flex System) 800-422-4661
    The Standard (Disability) 800-368-1135
    Allstate 800-521-3535
    Texas Life 800-283-9233
    OMNI 877-544-6664
    Fidelity Life 800-635-4467
    Teachers Retirement System 800-223-8778
    HSA Bank 1-800-357-6246
    Kara Hemmle I Email
    Insurance & Benefits Specialist 
    100 Walter Stephenson Rd. 
    P: 972-775-8296
    F: 972-775-3709