• 2018-2019 Pay Schedule
    6/30/18   7/26/18
    7/28/18   8/28/18
    8/25/18   9/28/18
    9/22/18   10/26/18
    10/20/18   11/28/18
    11/17/18   12/20/18
    12/29/18   1/24/19
    1/26/19   2/28/19
    2/23/19   3/28/19
    3/30/19   4/26/19
    4/27/19   5/28/19
    6/1/19   6/27/19
    6/29/19   7/25/19

    Explanation of Earned Leave
    • Local Personal (non-cumulative year to year) 3 days per year based on 180+ days of work 
    • State Personal (cumulative year to year) 5 days per year based on 180+ days of work 
    • Old State Sick (earned before 9/95) Only non-discretionary leave may be used for Old State Sick Leave
    • Both non-discretionary and discretionary leave may be used for Local Personal and State Personal leave  
    Leave of Absence
    Absences that exceed five days must be documented with a Leave of Absence application and cleared through the Human Resources Dept.

    Leave Balance
    Leave entitlement balances may be viewed through Employee Access - Time Off. Absences are posted one week before payroll and are reflective through the prior cut-off period only.

    Definition of Terms

    Personal or immediate family illness, emergency, or a death in the immediate family.

    Leave taken at the individual employee's discretion with advance approval of the principal or supervisor, subject to limitations in DEC Local. Discretionary leave may not be taken for more than three consecutive days. Discretionary leave shall not be allowed on the day before or after a school holiday, days scheduled for end-of-semester exams, state assessment tests, or professional/staff development days.

    Immediate Family
    Spouse, son/daughter (biological/adopted/foster), son- or daughter-in-law, stepchild, legal ward, parent, stepparent, parent-in-law, sibling, step-sibling, sibling-in-law, grandparent/grandchild, any person who may be residing in the employee's household at the time of illness/death.
  • Payroll Dept.
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    P: 972-775-8296
    F: 972-775-1757 
    Jennifer Wren | Email
    Payroll Supervisor
    Rebecca Grogan Email
    Payroll Specialist
    Jennie DaniellEmail
    Payroll Support/Leave Specialist
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