• Credit by Examination (CBE)


    The MHHS Guidance Department offers two types of Credit by Examination throughout the year.


    • A student may attempt to earn a credit for a course he or she has prior knowledge, but has not yet taken, by taking a Credit by Exam for acceleration through Texas Tech ISD (www.ode.ttu.edu). The student may receive online instruction or they go straight into taking the exam. For acceleration, the test score must be at least an 70% and will only be given one time. 
    • The student must first discuss this option with his or her counselor to see if the student is an appropriate candidate for acceleration. These test are very difficult to pass and are paid for by MISD. If a student gains permission to take a CBE for acceleration the counselor will order the exam and upon it's arrival set a time to take the exam.
      Students are not allowed to test out of state-tested subjects. Those classes include: 
      -English 1
      -English II
      -U.S. History


    • Important information about GPA and Credit by Exam: Any credit/grade earned by CBE, recovery or acceleration, is not averaged into the student's GPA.