Credit By Exam


    • Credit by Exam (CBE) For Redemption

      A student who has received prior instruction in a course but did not receive credit for it may be permitted to earn credit by passing an exam on the essential knowledge and skills defined for the course. To receive credit, a student must score at least 70 on the exam.The district administration will determine whether any opportunity for credit by exam will be offered. Exams are from Texas Tech and students are responsible for all fees. Students must talk to their counselors prior to this order. The Credit by Exam option for gaining credit is NOT available for students who lost credit due to excessive absences.

      Credit by Exam (CBE) For Original Credit

      A student will be permitted to take an exam to earn credit for an academic course for which the student has no prior instruction for the purpose of academic acceleration. For the graduating classes of 2022 and beyond, the CBE results will be included in GPA. The tests are given throughout the year. They are scheduled through your student’s counselor. When a student seeks to gain credit by exam without prior instruction in the course, the passing score required to earn credit on an exam is 80.

      Students are not allowed to test out of state-tested subjects. Those classes include: 
      -English 1
      -English II
      -U.S. History