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    Reserved Section Tickets at MISD Stadium 

    MHS & HHS

    Presale Reserved- $7

    Game Day Reserved- $8


    Use the links below to purchase reserved seating for the football game(s). These tickets are for home games only and can be purchased starting the Monday prior to the game thru the day of the game at 1:00pm. For example, tickets for the game on Friday, go on sale Monday, August 24th and are no longer available online at 12:00 p.m. on Friday, August 31st. RESERVED SEATING TICKETS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE AFTER 1:00 P.M. 
    Here is the link for MHS:
    And the link for HHS:
    Click on the link for MHS or HHS game you are interested in
    Click on the Green Box labeled "Get Tickets"
    Click on the Green Box labeled "Find Tickets Now"
    Click on the Blue Box labeled "Reserved Section"
    Click on the Blue Box labeled "Find Seats" ***Leave the selection on "I would like to find my own seats"***
    Blue boxes with numbers are available seats
    There are 2 aisles.  They are between seats 5-6 and 36-37.
    If you have any issues, feel free to contact us.







    Picture of Game Tickets  

    Midlothian ISD Athletics Ticket Prices Per School:


    Midlothian High School:

    Varsity Football:

    Presale: Adult- $7   Student- $3

    Game Day- $8

    All Sports:

    Adult- $5

    Student- $3 


    Midlothian Heritage High School:

    Varsity Football:

    Presale:  Adult- $5   Student- $3

    Game Day:  Adult- $6    Student- $4

    All Sports:

    Adult- $3

    Student- $2 


    FSMS & WGMS Middle School:

    Adult- $3   Student- $2



    ***Children ages 4 & under are admitted free with a parent but you may have to share a seat if the particular venue sells out. To ensure that your child has a seat, you may purchase a ticket for them.


    ***Cash & Check ONLY