• Business Management & Administration

    Business touches everything in your world. It’s behind the food you eat, the vehicles you drive, the clothes you wear—every product or service you consume is the result of a business somewhere organizing the people, money, materials, and other resources to deliver that product or service to you. From chief executive officers (CEO s) overseeing worldwide organizations of hundreds of thousands of workers to receptionists answering phones, well-educated employees make businesses run more smoothly and profitably. The skills you learn in Business Management & Administration can make you an attractive job applicant for any company. If you see yourself managing teams of people to get projects done, crunching numbers to keep costs down, or becoming an entrepreneur and starting your own venture, then Business Management & Administration could be the right career cluster for you.

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  • Available Pathways & Course Selection: 

    Business Management Pathway

    • 9th Grade Course: Principles of Business, Marketing & Finance
    • 10th Grade Course: Business Information Management I 
    • 11th Grade Course: Business Management
    • 12th Grade Course: Practicum in Business Management


     Career Opportunities:

    • Business Representative
    • Healthcare Manager
    • Public Administrator
    • Business Professor
    • Government Administrator
    • Management Specialist