• Arts, A/V Technology & Communications

    As Shakespeare observed, All the World’s a stage. Whether it’s music, painting, drawing, sculpting, writing, dancing, or any other genre, artistic expression is all around us—on TV and radio, at the movies, in art galleries, on the Web, in our MP3 players. People who work in the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications cluster may entertain and inform through an ever-growing array of new media forms such as cell phone ringtones, text messaging, and shared online videos. A world of audio-visual (A/V) technology and communications professionals—including producers and directors, print and electronic journalists, website designers, video game programmers, and multimedia artists—makes it all possible. If you have a calling to be creative, yearn to express yourself, or love using new technologies, then Arts, A/V Technology & Communications may be the right career cluster for you.

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  • Available Pathways & Course Selection: 

    Graphic Design/Visual Arts Pathway

    • 9th Grade Course: Principles of AAVTC
    • 10th Grade Course: Digital Interactive Media 
    • 11th Grade Course: Graphic Design & Illustration I 
    • 12th Grade Course: Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration 


    A/V Production (Broadcasting/TV) Pathway: 

    • 9th Grade Course: Principles of AAVTC
    • 10th Grade Course: Digital & Interactive Media
    • 11th Grade Course: Audio/Video Production  
    • 12th Grade Course: Advanced Audio/Video Production


     Career Opportunities:

    • Audio/Video Events Coordinator
    • Film/Radio/TV Director
    • Producer
    • Program Director
    • Station Manager/Owner

    Instructor: Rachel Kidder