• Vision - To provide the leadership, service, and support to District staff, parents, and community to facilitate innovative learning experiences and deliver blended learning so that all students have the best access to state standards and technology to develop necessary skills to become productive members of a global community.

    Mission - Curriculum is integral to the teaching and learning mission of the Midlothian Independent School District (MISD). MISD fosters and supports innovations in implementing curriculum with technology. Conceptualizing and implementing innovative and educational practices for the purpose of developing insights into the nature of learning, improving learning outcomes and providing greater accessibility to educational services by students and faculty is a priority.

    Judy Walling I Email
    Deputy Superintendent
    Melissa Wolfe I Email
    Executive Director of Specialized Learning
    Lisa Knight I Email
    Director of Special & Federal Programs 
    Becki Krsnak I Email
    Director of Elementary Learning 
    Nikki Nix IEmail 
    Director of Secondary Learning
    Becky Wiginton I Email
    Director of College/Career Readiness & Guidance
    Natalie Dennington I Emai
    Testing/Accountability Coordinator
    Jamie Greene I Email
    Administrative Assistant 
    Keni Somerville I Email
    Administrative Assistant