• A Fierce and Subtle Poison

    by Samantha Mabry Year Published: 2016

    Lucas spends summers in Puerto Rico, enjoying the old señoras’ stories of the poisonous girl in the cursed house. When his girlfriend disappears, he turns to the mysterious girl for help.

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  • A Study in Charlotte

    by Brittany Cavallaro Year Published: 2016

    Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson, descendants of Sherlock and Dr. Watson, attend the same boarding school in New England. Suspected of murdering a fellow student, they work together to find the real culprit.

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  • All American Boys

    by Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kiely Year Published: 2015

    When Rashad, a young black man, is beaten by a police officer, Quinn, a young white man, is there to witness it. For both of them, it is a turning point in what they understand about social justice and how they view the world.

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  • And I Darken

    by Kiersten White Year Published: 2016

    Ugly, fierce Lada and her beautiful, sensitive brother Radu are taken from their home as collateral between their father Vlad Dracul and the Ottoman Empire. When they befriend the sultan's son Mehmed, it creates a difficult triangle between the three.

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  • Anna and the Swallow Man

    by Gavriel Savit Year Published: 2016

    Anna's father leaves Krakow in 1939 and never returns. The mysterious Swallow Man takes Anna under his wing and teaches her how to survive while WWII rages around them.

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  • Away Running

    by David Wright and Luc Bouchard Year Published: 2016

    Freeman Behanzin, a San Antonio corner safety, and Mathieu Dumas, a Canadian quarter back, are in Paris in to play American Football. After a fateful confrontation, Matt and Free learn what friendship really means.

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  • Being Jazz

    by Jazz Jennings Year Published: 2016

    Jazz knew from a young age that even though she was born male, she identified as female. She is an ambassador for transgender awareness, and tells her story (so far!) for readers.

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  • Bitter Side of Sweet

    by Tara Sullivan Year Published: 2016

    Hoping to start a new life with opportunities, Amadou and his little brother Seydou, leave their home in Mali to work on a cacao plantation in the Ivory Coast. Instead, they end up as slaves working for brutal foreman. When a mysteriousnew worker comes to the camp, both brothers there might still be hope left for them.

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  • Burn Baby Burn

    by Meg Medina Year Published: 2016

    Son of Sam is loose in 1977 NYC, and even though that makes Nora uneasy, she has her own monster to deal with-- her brother.

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  • Character, Driven

    by David Lubar Year Published: 2016

    Cliff is hanging on to the edge of his life, trying not to give in to the bullies, making it through his senior year, and giving love one more try.

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  • Conviction

    by Kelly Loy Gilbert Year Published: 2015

    When Braden's father, an evangelical talk show host and his baseball pitching coach, is arrested for murder, Braden must try to use his Christian faith to figure out how to continue pitching and testify at the trial. An estranged brother comes home to help.

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  • Court of Fives

    by Kate Elliott Year Published: 2015

    Jessamy, raised in a patriarchal society, defies tradition to become a Five, one who competes in a multilevel dangerous competition. When another Patron brings down Jes's family, her mother and sisters' lives are forfeit, and Jes must figure out how to save them.

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  • Every Exquisite Thing

    by Matthew Quick Year Published: 2016

    Nanette, a promising soccer star and high school senior, changes all her future plans after reading a novel given to her by her favorite teacher.

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  • Exit, pursued by a bear

    by E.K. Johnston Year Published: 2016

    At cheerleading camp, someone slips Hermione a roofie and everything goes black. As she adjusts to what happened to her, she works to regain control and live her best life possible.

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  •  Flawed


    by Cecelia Ahern Year Published: 2016

    In a futuristic society, people who do not follow certain ethical standards are considered "flawed" and are branded with an "F" to indicate their status. They are shunned and harassed by others and denied certain privileges. Celestine North, who has always been perfect, decides to help a flawed person, which results in dire consequences for her.

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  • Girl in Pieces

    by Kathleen Glasgow Year Published: 2016

    Charlie's pain is written where everyone can see, in the scars that criss-cross her body, put there by her own hand. Can Charlie stop herself before she cuts too deep?

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  • Highly Illogical Behavior

    by John Corey Whaley Year Published: 2016

    Solomon Reed has made his life small on purpose. He hasn't left his house in three years, and it's best that way. But when Lisa and her handsome boyfriend Clark attempt to enter his world, Solomon finds he might just have something to go outside for.

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  • Holding Up the Universe

    by Jennifer Niven Year Published: 2016

    Libby is known as the world's fattest teen, but she has lost some weight and is looking forward to new possibilities while attending high school. Jack is popular but hides a secret. He cannot recognize faces. When Jack and Libby collide, sparks fly.

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  • Hunter

    by Mercedes Lackey Year Published: 2015

    Joyeaux Charmand is an orphan that has been trained to fight Othersiders. The world has been destroyed and though pockets of civilization exist, Joy's life changes when she is summoned to Apex to join the Hunters. Will Joy succeed as a Hunter or will she go back to the only home and hope that she has ever known?

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  • If I Was Your Girl

    by Meredith Russo Year Published: 2016

    After living a stressful life as a boy, Andrew moves to finish his senior year while living with his dad in another city. However, Andrew has had transgender surgery and is secretly adjusting to a new identity as Amanda.

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  • Illuminae

    by Amie Kaufman Year Published: 2015

    Kady and Ezra are among a few thousand survivors who flee their home planet before it is destroyed. But, will they survive what awaits them in the dark void of space with a plague and a rogue AI computer plotting to destroy them all?

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  • Infinite in Between

    by Carolyn Mackler Year Published: 2015

    Five teens write letters to their future selves at freshmen orientation and promise to meet up again at graduation. Follow them as they navigate the ever changing world of high school.

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  • Into the Dim

    by Janet B Taylor Year Published: 2016

    After her mother's death, Hope Walton is called to spend time with her aunt at the family estate in Scotland. Once there, Hope finds that everything she's known about her mother and even herself is not what it seems...or even when it seems.

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  • Last Seen Leaving

    by Caleb Roehrig Year Published: 2016

    When Flynn's girlfriend, January, goes missing, he is immediately a suspect. As he searches for clues as to her whereabouts, he surprisingly discovers that she is not the person he thought he knew. Flynn is also forced to face the truth that he is gay, and he cannot change that.

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  • Learning to Swear in America

    by Katie Kennedy Year Published: 2016

    With an asteroid hurtling towards Earth, Yuri, a teenage Russian physics prodigy, is brought to the United States in hopes that he can save the world from total destruction. If only he could stop thinking about the American girl with yellow bangs...

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  • Losers Take All

    by David Klass Year Published: 2015

    At Fremont High School, the new principal decrees that every senior must be on an athletic team. A group of unathletic misfits forms their own soccer team to defy the school's sports- crazy system.

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  • Lucky Strikes

    by Louis Bayard Year Published: 2016

    During the Depression, when 15 year old Melia's Mother dies, Melia saves herself, her siblings, and her gas station, by claiming a lost bum as their "Daddy".

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  • Lucy & Linh

    by Alice Pung Year Published: 2016

    In a series of letters, Lucy writes to Linh about getting into the prestigious school, Laurinda after winning an equal access scholarship. The world of Laurinda is a stark contrast to Christ the King the school she attended in Stanley, a working class suburb. Her classmates at Laurinda are more affluent. Lucy has to navigate a new world and adjust to a new school, and classmates.

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  • Magonia

    by Maria Dahvana Headley Year Published: 2015

    Aza Ray has been in and out of hospitals her whole life. She's come to accept the fact that no one knows what is wrong with her, until one day...she sees a ship in the sky. Finally, she may get the answers she wants as to why she's so sick, but does she really want to know the truth if it involves leaving behind everyone she loves.

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  • More Happy Than Not

    by Adam Silvera Year Published: 2015

    If you could remove your worst memories, would you? Aaron believes the answer to his happiness resides in taking away the memory of something he believes is the root of all his problems. But, can you really forget something that makes you who you are?

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  • My Lady Jane

    by Cynthia Hand Year Published: 2016

    History can be so boring at times! Memorizing names and dates...yawn. Lady Jane Grey's part in history gets an upgrade with helping fight the battle between shape-shifting Edian's and purist Verities, and finding her heart's desire.

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  • Orbiting Jupiter

    by Gary D. Schmidt Year Published: 2015

    Joesph, a 14 year old foster child and father to a newborn baby, has suffered through horrible things in his past. When he comes to live with Jack's family he finally enjoys the support and love of a family; however, his past continues to haunt him.

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  • Rani Patel in Full Effect

    by Sonia Patel Year Published: 2016

    When she's not working at her family's store or restaurant on the island of Moloka'i, seventeen year old Rani Patel is at home studying to be a doctor. What people don't know is that she's more than the Gujarati girl her father expects her to be. Breaking traditions by speaking her mind and forging her own path, Rani's strength and confidence build through her raps, which she keeps secret in a journal. When word gets out about Rani's skills, she gets invited to join a local rap group and the world may finally get to see the real Rani- in full effect.

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  • Rebel of the Sands

    by Alwyn Hamilton Year Published: 2016

    Amani has skills: sharpshooter, thief, spy. She sets her sights on escaping her dusty village with the help of the mysterious Jin, a mythical horse, and her every man for herself attitude.

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  • Replica

    by Lauren Oliver Year Published: 2016

    Two teen girls, one living in a secret, scientific research institute, and the other a daughter of a prominent family, tell their stories. Eventually, their paths cross and they come to some shocking revelations!

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  • Rhythm Ride: A Road Trip Through the Motown Sound

    by Andrea Davis Pinkney Year Published: 2015

    The Groove takes readers on a ride telling them about the founding of Motown Records and the recording artists of the legendary record label.

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  • Salt to the Sea

    by Ruta Sepetys Year Published: 2016

    Near the end of World War II, refugees are fleeing from the Russian army, hoping to board the Wilhelm Gustloff, a German military transport ship, and get to freedom and safety. The four main characters are among those refugees, and each has a secret they are hiding.

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  • Shadow of the Wolf

    by Tim Hall Year Published: 2015

    Robin Loxley becomes Maid Marion's body guard as they are thrown together when Robin is forced to leave his village and Marion leaves her father's castle while he is away at war. They develop a deep friendship and understanding of each other. As the two get older, Marian soon learns that she is the peace offering to the Sheriff of Nottingham. When Robin tries to rescue Marian, he is blinded. Robin soon becomes a student of the forest and with new powers, Robin learns he can change his and Marian's destiny.

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  • Six of Crows

    by Leigh Bardugo Year Published: 2015

    When Kaz Brekker is offered a job he can't refuse to make more money than he ever dreamed of, he puts together a talented team to help him succeed.

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  • Spontaneous

    by Aaron Starmer Year Published: 2016

    When students at her school start spontaneously combusting, Mara uses her humor and her wit to get to the bottom of what's happening to her senior class.

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  • Tell Me Three Things

    by Julie Buxbaum Year Published: 2016

    After her mother dies and her father remarries, Jessie and her father move to California to live with his new family. Jessie has a hard time adjusting until she is befriended through an anonymous email by someone who offers to help her adapt to her new high school.

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  • The Call

    by Peadar O'Guilin Year Published: 2016

    In an isolated, modern Ireland, children, beginning with age ten, attend Survival Colleges where they are taught techniques to survive the Call--three minutes in the brutal, Grey Land of the Sidhe, Irish faeries. Nine out of ten teens never return.

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  • The Crown's Game

    by Evelyn Skye Year Published: 2016

    Two teen enchanters must use their magic in a duel to the death in order to earn the right to be the Russian Tsar's Imperial Enchanter. The winner's magic will become unimaginably powerful and will become the tsar's closest confidant, advisor, and protector of the Russian Empire.

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  • The Dark Days Club

    by Alison Goodman Year Published: 2016

    When Lady Helen is invited to join the Dark Days Club, she must decide between being safe and making a respectable match in marriage, or fighting demons alongside the scandalous Lord Carlston.

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  • The Darkest Corners

    by Kara Thomas Year Published: 2016

    Tessa returns to her small hometown wondering if she and her friend Callie helped send the wrong man to prison and if the real killer is still out there.

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  • The Death and Life of Zebulon Finch

    by Daniel Kraus Year Published: 2015

    Zebulon is a freak show attraction, science experiment, soldier, lover, and murderer. However, the most interesting thing about Zebulon is he has been all of this while being dead at age 17.

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  • The Emperor of Any Place

    by Tim Wynne-Jones Year Published: 2015

    After Ethan's father dies, he finds a book that was sent to his father under mysterious circumstances. He tries to unravel the mystery around the book and his grandfather and a seemingly haunted island.

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  • The Female of the Species

    by Mindy McGinnis Year Published: 2016

    In her small home town, Alex is known as the girl with the dead sister. Jack, the popular athlete and Peekay, the preacher's kid, discover during their senior year that Alex is not just the strange loner in their class, but one who knows how to challenge a violent rage that won't be stopped.

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  • The Forgetting

    by Sharon Carmeron Year Published: 2016

    Every twelve years the all the citizens of Canaan lose their memories. To help them recover lost events, etc. they write daily in their diaries, which they keep strapped to their bodies at all times. However, seventeen-year-old Nadia remembers everything, but she must hide her ability. She is becoming more and more suspicious of town officials and begins to search for the truth behind the Forgetting.

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  • The Glittering Court

    by Richelle Mead Year Published: 2016

    Adelaide disguises herself to escape an arranged marriage. She travels with other girls to be part of the Glittering Court which promises to transform ordinary girls into upper-class ladies able to marry wealthy men.

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  • The Great American Whatever

    by Tim Federle Year Published: 2016

    Quinn has hardly left his room in 6 months. His best friend has had enough and takes him to a college party where Quinn meets Amir, who helps him start living again.

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  • The Hired Girl

    by Laura Amy Schlitz Year Published: 2015

    Joan Skraggs is an overworked 14 yr old girl growing up on a Pennsylvania farm at the turn of the century. Her brothers belittle her and her dad does not see the need for her to have any type of education or life. Joan decides to change her life and run away to New York. Through a serious of mishaps and good fortune, she is taken in as a cook and maid and learns more than she every thought possible.

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  • The May Queen Murders

    by Sarah Jude Year Published: 2016

    Set in Rowan's Glen a farming community in the Missouri Ozarks, residents are warned not to go into the woods or walk alone because families' dogs have started disappearing. When the May Queen ceremony is revived and sixteen-year- old Ivy's cousin goes missing, Ivy discovers that Rowan's Glen is harboring deep, dark secrets.

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  • The Memory Book

    by Lara Avery Year Published: 2016

    After receiving a devastating diagnosis, Sammie McCoy decides the best way to hold on to her past and what she hopes to be her future is to write everything down in her Memory Book.

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  • The Memory of Light

    by Francisco X Stork Year Published: 2016

    Vicky feels like she is failing at life, and when she wakes up in a mental ward, she thinks she has now failed at death. She agrees to stay in treatment for two weeks to see if she can find a reason to keep living.

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  • The Passion of Dolssa

    by Julie Berry Year Published: 2016

    Botille feels compelled to protect Dolssa in 1241 France when a friar is hunting Dolssa to burn her at the stake as a heretic.

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  • The Reader

    by Traci Chee Year Published: 2016

    Sefia needs answers: who killed her father, who kidnapped her aunt, and what's so important about a rectangular object that people are willing to kill for it? To find out these answers she will travel across several countries, save a boy from vigilantes, and join a group of pirates searching for lost treasure.

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  • The Red Queen

    by Victoria Aveyard Year Published: 2015

    Mare Barrow lives in a dystopian society divided by the color of one's blood. Silvers are the elite rulers and have supernatural powers. Reds have no powers and must serve Silvers and fight their wars. Mare accidentally finds out that she is a Red with Silver powers and is forced to masquerade as a Silver as she tries to advance the Red Revolution.

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  • The Rest of Us Just Live Here

    by Patrick Ness Year Published: 2015

    For Mike and his best friends, all they want is to make it to their high school graduation without their high school blowing up...again. But when all the Indie kids in school start going missing, Mike isn't so sure he and his friends will even make it to their Prom.

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  • The Safest Lies

    by Megan Miranda Year Published: 2016

    Seventeen year old Kelsey Thomas has been living with the after effects of her mother's abduction, seventeen years prior, her entire life. This "inherited" fear dictates her every move, until she meets Ryan Baker who shows her she doesn't have to be afraid of everything. Until, one night, her mother disappears and her worst fears begin to come true.

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  • The Serpent King

    by Jeff Zenter Year Published: 2016

    Dill, Lydia, and Travis cling to each other their senior year of high school as they dream of escaping their small-town living that is full of brutality, secrets, and fears.

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  • The Smell of Other People's Houses

    by Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock Year Published: 2016

    The story is set in 1970s Alaska and told from the perspective of four teenagers learning how to cope with dysfunction and save each other.

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  • The Star-Touched Queen

    by Roshani Chokshi Year Published: 2016

    Born under cursed stars, Maya has little chance to escape a terrible arrange marriage. When a mysterious suitor comes to her rescue, she accepts his proposal and enters a mysterious world that just might hold the answers she's been looking for.

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  • The Steep and Thorny Way

    by Cat Winters Year Published: 2016

    Hannalee Denny cannot understand why her dead father's ghost keeps appearing on the very road where he was ran over. With her mother quickly remarried and Joe, her father's accused murder recently released from prison, Hanalee wants justice and answers. The more she digs, the more she discovers that her little hometown is not the Christian place it presents itself and any one the least bit different is not welcomed.

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  • The Way I Used to Be

    by Amber Smith Year Published: 2016

    Raped by her brother’s best friend during her freshman year, Eden spends the next three years desperately trying to cope with the trauma of the assault.

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  • The Weight of Feathers

    by Anna-Marie McLemore Year Published: 2015

    Lace knows enough to stay away from the Corbeau family. But a chance encounter with a mysterious boy who later saves her life might be enough to shatter all that she has know of her family and the life she once had.

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  • These Shallow Graves

    by Jennifer Donnelly Year Published: 2015

    New York City society girl Jo Montfort wants to be another Nelly Bly. After her father’s unexpected suicide, Jo investigates the cause with the help of Edward, a young reporter.

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  • This is the Story of You

    by Beth Kephart Year Published: 2016

    A super storm hits an island used to storms, and Mira survives to discover losses and gains that change everything she has known.

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  • This Raging Light

    by Estelle Laure Year Published: 2015

    Lucille Bennett does her best to "rage against the dying of the light" when she finds herself taking care of her younger sister after both of her parents abandon the family.

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  • This Side of Home

    by Renee Watson Year Published: 2015

    Twins Maya and Nikki Younger have lived in the same neighborhood their whole lives. They know their neighbors and like that they live in a predominately black neighborhood. But things begin to change and the older homes are getting bought by new people, renters are being forced to move out for new home owners and upscale business are beginning to become the new norm. The twins have always believed in the same things, but with the changes, come changes for their family as well. Will they survive?

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  • Three Dark Crowns

    by Kendare Blake Year Published: 2016

    Every generation, triplet girls are born to a queen. Each girl has a gift: poisoner, naturalist, elemental. The girls are raised separately after age 6, but come together when they are 16 to fight to the death to win the crown.

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  • We Are the Ants

    by Shaun David Hutchinson Year Published: 2016

    Henry Denton has been abducted by aliens for a number of years. During a recent abduction, he is told by the "sluggers" that they are going to wipe out the earth in 144 days. Henry must decide the fate of the human race even though he has to many problems of his own.

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  • What We Saw

    by Aaron Hartzler Year Published: 2015

    A town that loves its basketball team is divided by controversy after the rape of a teen girl at a team member's wild party.

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  • You Were Here

    by Cori McCarthy Year Published: 2016

    The main character, distraught by her older brother's death, attempts to heal by retracing the steps that led to his death. Along the way she meets up with old friends who are also encountering struggles.

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