• About the WGMS Library

    When may I visit the Library?

    Before School:  The library is open before school for students who need a place to work, want to read, or need a place to collaborate.  Morning visitors must be purposeful and not disruptive to others.  Students who visit in the morning must remain until it is time to attend first period.  

    During the School Day:  Students may visit the library as a class or individually with a pass .   All students must be purposeful and not disruptive to others.
    During Lunch:  Some days the library will be open during lunch.  Interested students should report to the cafeteria to check-in and then ask staff on duty for a pass to the library. All students must be purposeful and not disruptive to others.  Students are responsible for cleaning their tables before leaving. *The library will close each day during D-Lunch.
    After School:  The library is not open after school.
    *Any time students visit the library without a teacher, the students must Sign-In

    Why can I visit the Library?

    To Ask for Assistance:  Students and staff are welcome to visit the library for technical support, online resources, ideas, etc.
    To Explore the Makerspace:  Students can utilize the makerspace activities when the library is open.  For more information, check out the makerspace page.
    To Check Out E-books:  Students and staff can visit the library to learn to check out e-books from laptops or from other personal devices.
    To Check Out Physical Books:  Students and staff are welcome to check out materials from the library.  

    How should I behave when I visit the Library?


    • Visitors must be purposeful and not disruptive to others.
    • Visitors must be respectful of the facility and resources and return furniture, activities, etc. to the original state before leaving.
    • Visitors may use devices for school purposes such as communication, product creation, or reading/research.  



    How can I find books?
    Books are organized by genre so that readers can browse the shelves to find items of interest. 
    • Fiction - Books are shelved by Genre and then the author's last name. WGMS genres include Science Fiction, Fantasy, Scary, Graphic Novels,  Classics, Condensed Classics, Mysteries, Realistic Fiction, Adventure, Sports, Humor, Chick-lit, Romance, and Historical Fiction.
    • Biography - Books are shelved by the subject's last name.
    • Nonfiction - Books are arranged the Dewey system.

    What are the Library Policies? 
    For more information about library policies, visit the WGMS Library Policy page.