• The scholarships listed on this website are a mixture of local and national scholarships. Scholarships are sorted by month with LOCAL and NATIONAL sections.
    Please search for scholarships on this site by their due date. SOME WILL BE POSTED PRIOR TO THE DUE MONTH IN ORDER TO HAVE TIME TO COMPLETE. 
    *Local scholarships are most likely to appear during the Spring semester.


    ***Make sure that the scholarship explicitly says that the application is to be turned into the Guidance Center. If you incorrectly turn an application in that is due to another organization we are not responsible for sending the application on your behalf and will do our best to return it to you in a timely matter.

    ***Do not fill in GPA, Class rank, etc if it requires Mrs. Oliver's signature. She will not sign off on pre-filled information!

    ***Turn in applications in the format that they are on the website. If you put your application in an envelope or a binder it will be removed from them to be included with the other applications.

    ***Scholarships will not be accepted after the deadline date or time, no exceptions.

    Remember: If a scholarship or FAFSA website requires payment do not use it.