Gifted and Talented Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am new to Midlothian, and my child was identified as being gifted in another state or in another district in Texas. Is he/she automatically placed into your gifted program?

    Our current MISD Gifted and Talented Department guidelines do not allow us to automatically place previously identified gifted and talented students into the GT program until they are assessed and determined to be eligible. Each district in Texas is able to set its own criteria for admission into its gifted and talented program based on the services it provides. For previously identified students, Midlothian ISD strives to complete all required assessments within the first six weeks of enrollment.


    What documentation do I need to provide if my child was served in a gifted program in another district?

    It is always helpful for parents to share GT testing documentation with the campus counselor. The counselor and district GT specialist  will verify that your child was served in a gifted program before proceeding with any assessments. National, state, and district testing information, report cards that show gifted placement, and letters of acceptance into a gifted program can expedite the screening process.


    Does my child have to re-qualify as he or she moves from elementary school to middle school?

    No. Students do not have to re-qualify for GT services when they move from elementary school to middle school or from middle school to high school. Once a student is identified as needing GT services, then he or she will continue to be identified as GT. Sometimes gifted students get older, they select advanced courses that best suit their academic needs, talents, interests, and future academic plans.


    How are elementary gifted students served?

    Gifted learners on the elementary campuses are served in cluster classrooms with a teacher trained in gifted and talented education, as well as by a pull-out GT Teacher. All MISD teachers have their 30 hour GT training. These teachers work to individualize differentiated curriculum, instruction, and assessment for the students when it is appropriate or deemed necessary.