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  • Midlothian Collegiate Scholars Academy (MCSA)

    The Midlothian Collegiate Scholars Academy offers eligible high achieving Midlothian ISD students an opportunity to graduate from high school with a high school diploma AND an Associate’s Degree from Navarro College. Interested students should apply for admission to the MSCA program in the Spring of their eighth grade year.

    Admission to MCSA is competitive. The application process to become a member of the MCSA includes satisfactorily completing all MISD dual credit enrollment procedures (see Dual Credit section of this handbook) and complying with all MCSA application procedures (available from guidance counselors) according to district and college guidelines.

    Students who are accepted into MCSA will follow a campus cohort model to ensure that necessary courses are available each year to complete the degree requirements. It is important for MCSA students and parents to collaborate with guidance counselors each semester to ensure that the student selects the appropriate courses for the degree/diploma.

    The chart below lists courses from which students may choose, depending upon availability. Students may opt to attend summer classes at Navarro College in order to take other courses that meet the student’s needs. It is critical that MCSA students seek guidance from their high school counselors prior to taking summer classes at the college. It is recommended that summer courses at Navarro not be taken until after the student completes his/her junior year. Failure to follow high school and college counseling recommendations can cause a student to risk graduating on time with the degree/diploma.

    MCSA students and their parents/guardians should expect to follow the course sequence explained below. Course offerings may vary by campus and are subject to change in order to meet staffing, space, and class size requirements.

    (From 2019-2029 MISD Academic Planning Guide)


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MCSA Class of 2023 Timeline

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Advising Plan for MCSA

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