Guidance and Counseling

  • Our K-12 counselors honor our MISD family, supporting our students as they grow their social and emotional skills. We follow the program goals outlined in the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and use developmentally appropriate lessons to help our students learn to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts and make responsible choices.

     Student competencies from the Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs include:

    • Intrapersonal Effectiveness
      • Positive student self-concept
      • Effective executive functioning skills
      • Appropriate behavior to the situation and environment
    • Interpersonal Effectiveness
      • Effective interactions with diverse populations
      • Effective and appropriate communication skills
      • Recognition of personal boundaries, individual rights and privacy needs of others
      • Effective conflict resolution skills
      • Development of healthy relationships
    • Post-secondary Planning and Career Readiness
      • Motivation to succeed in personal endeavors
      • Demonstration of career exploration skills
      • Possession of the knowledge and skills to gather information for post-secondary education and career planning
      • Demonstration of awareness of the importance of post-secondary education
      • Understanding of the relationship of academics to the world of work and to life at home and in the community
    • Personal Health and Safety
      • Incorporation of wellness practices into daily living
      • Demonstration of resiliency and positive coping skills
      • Possession of assertiveness skills necessary for personal protection



  • District Level
    Becky Wiginton I Email
    Director of College/Career Readiness and Guidance
    Eric Hoff Email
    Student Support Counselor 
    Shanna Malone Email
    Social Emotional Support Specialist
    Campus Level
    Midlothian High School
    Leigh Fields I Email
    Counselor A-Co
    Amy Neal Email
    Academic Advisor Cr-Ha
    Melissa Tomlinson Email
    Counselor He-Ma
    LaVerne Ferrell I Email
    Academic Advisor Mc-Sa
    Ashley Bergeron I Email 
    Lead Counselor Sc-Z
    Heritage High School
    Lexi Webster I Email
    Counselor A-L
    Tiffany Gomez Email
    Lead Counselor M-Z
    Stacie Bailey I Email
    Special Programs A-Z
    Frank Seale Middle School 
    Sabra Golden I Email
    6th/7th  A-K
    Lindsey Hodge Email
    6th/7th L-Z
    Tonya Colman I Email
    8th Grade A-Z
    Walnut Grove Middle School 
    Ally HouchinEmail
    6th/7th  A-K
    Emily Rogers Email
    Lead Counselor 6th/7th L-Z
    Mendi Melton I Email
    8th Grade A-Z
    Elementary Schools 
    Jenna Ballard I Email
    TE Baxter
    Elizabeth Adkins Email
    JR Irvin
    Jeanette Arnold I Email
    Nikki Moon I Email
    Amy Boyd Email
    Wendy Waldroup I Email
    Mt. Peak 
    Lori Huff I Email
    Lead Counselor Vitovsky