• Student Devices

    Students may bring the following devices to school:
    • Laptops
    • Netbooks
    • Tablets
    • Smartphones
    Can my child's computing device connect to the MISD Wifi?

    Midlothian ISD provides a high speed wireless network.
    Every student is given an account that allows them access to our filtered network services. *Per the Acceptable use policy, every student is required to connect to the MISD wifi.
    Are there suggested accessories?
    • Ear buds / headset
    • Padded bag
    • Protective case / sleeve 
    Will there be charging stations so my child's electronic device can be recharged?

    Charging stations are not available in every classroom. Students are responsible for charging devices before coming to school.

    Known devices that work with the MISD network are:
    • iPads/iPhones
    • MacBooks
    • Microsoft Surface Tablets
    • Chromebooks
    • Android Tablets
    • Other SmartPhones
    Are there any specifications for the type of device my child may bring to school?
    1. The device must have WiFi capability. As long as the device is able to connect to the MISD wireless network, access the web, and/or run apps, your student’s mobile device should enhance learning.
    2. Each person will need to choose the device that works best for his/her child.
    3. Memory and processor speed can affect the usefulness and longevity of a device, but it can also raise the cost of the device. 
    Connect Android Devices to MISD Internet