Objective 1: Transform our classroom to be truly student-centered through aligned teaching and learning.

    Strategy 1.1 - Design and develop aligned K-12 curriculum.
    Strategy 1.2 - Promote problem solving, critical thinking and risk-taking for staff and students.
    Strategy 1.3 - Provide and support professional development in the implementation of a K-12 aligned curriculum.
    Objective 2: Design a comprehensive staffing plan to foster excellence, high expectations, and positive morale throughout the district.

    Strategy 2.1 - Develop and execute a high-level recruitment plan.
    Strategy 2.2 - Identify and provide support systems needed to retain quality staff.
    Objective 3: Resources will be optimized for all stakeholders, according to the Strategic Plan, to enhance and maximize student potential.

    Strategy 3.1 - Educate the community regarding school finance and its restrictions. 
    Strategy 3.2 - Collaborate with stakeholders and community partners to meet the needs of the district.
    Objective 4: Provide facilities that create an innovative learning environment using district resources in the most efficient manner.

    Strategy 4.1 - Develop criteria to be used in the design of future construction and renovation projects.
    Strategy 4.2 - Develop a comprehensive facilities plan to guide financial decisions related to future site acquisitions, new construction, and renovation of existing facilities.
    Objective 5: Design a system to provide for the evolving digital needs of MISD.

    Strategy 5.1 - Develop a plan to ensure appropriate network infrastructure for anticipated future needs.
    Strategy 5.2 - Create a process to enable digital access for all future devices/programs for MISD.
    Objective 6: Create an environment of transparent information exchange between the school district and key stakeholders that builds long-term impactful relationships.

    Strategy 6.1 - Establish a support system for addressing district needs in order to obtain community resources.
    Strategy 6.2 - Develop a communications strategy that effectively communicates successes, strengths, and opportunities of the district.