Midlothian Independent School District


Middle School Zoning Process

MISD Seeks Community to Participate in Middle School Zoning Process

The Midlothian Independent School District will open Dieterich Middle School in August 2020, which was funded by the Bond 2016 package voters approved to help manage the district’s fast growth. By opening MISD’s third middle school, new boundaries are needed.

In an effort to bring community voice to the process, the district launched a community committee to review enrollment data, campus capacities, growth projections, bus routes and more to recommend new boundaries for all middle schools. This committee began meeting on September 17, 2019 and continued to meet through December 2019. The zoning committee made a recommendation to the Board during its November 18, 2019 Board meeting. The Board took action during the December 16 Board meeting and the new middle school boundaries can be found here. 

During the August 19 Board meeting, the Board approved the following parameters for the committee:

  • Balance middle school enrollment as well as demographics
  • Keep neighborhoods/subdivisions intact
  • Leverage natural boundaries as much as possible
  • Efficiency in transportation systems
  • Follow district policy on grandfathering options

To ensure the district has a cross-section of the community, each elementary zone area had three representatives serving on the committee. The committee selection process was by nomination only. Participants were selected by a lottery process and the full committee list can be found here. For transparency, the district has created this website dedicated to the zoning process where community members can see archived meeting agendas and presentations.

For additional questions, please contact the MISD communications team at Karen.Fitzgerald@misd.gs.