Midlothian Independent School District



COVID-19 Protocol Update - September 6, 2021

MISD Families,

In collaboration with the Ellis County Medical Community and under the requirements of the Texas Education Agency, the following COVID mitigation efforts will be implemented starting Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

  • Students and staff who have 2 or more symptoms of COVID-19 will be required to stay home.

    • Reentry criteria for individuals with 2 or more symptoms of COVID-19:

      • Negative COVID-19 test OR;

      • Diagnosis from a US Physician (example: cold, allergies, etc) OR;

      • The individual may remain out for the 10 day quarantine period

Parents are encouraged to monitor their child(ren) for symptoms of COVID-19.  Please do not send your child to school if they exhibit symptoms and seek medical attention.  As a reminder, the symptoms of COVID-19 include the following:

  • Fever (greater than or equal to 100º), chills, rigors, myalgia

  • Headache, sore throat, nausea

  • Vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, congestion, or runny nose

  • New olfactory disorder, new taste disorder

MISD is implementing a remote conferencing environment to address your child’s academic needs when they are required to quarantine due to being diagnosed with a communicable disease.  Remote conferencing will begin on September 7, 2021, during the evening hours only and is facilitated largely by MISD staff. If your child is out for a medical condition or quarantine, you will receive information on how your child will receive remote conferencing support.