Midlothian Independent School District


Global Supply Chain Issues Delay Opening Coleman Elementary

Global supply chain issues have provided a setback to the construction of Jean Coleman Elementary.  The new elementary school scheduled to open by the first day of school in August will now be pushed to open at the start of the second semester in January 2023. 

The construction company has experienced multiple delays in various materials, causing the delay in finishing the elementary school construction.  Some of the materials that have been difficult to obtain in a timely manner include door hardware, linear lighting fixtures, glazing for storefront and curtain walls, and interior curtain wall interior framing. 

The MISD and Coleman Elementary staff are working on a plan to relocate Jean Coleman Elementary students to LaRue Miller Elementary and Frank Seale Middle School, where rooms are available.  Coleman Elementary students will attend an alternate location during the first semester of 2022-2023 and then will return to the Jean Coleman Elementary campus in January 2023. 

 To keep students in a secure environment and safe from the hazards of continued construction on campus, the district hopes to move Kindergarten, first-grade, and second-grade students from Jean Coleman Elementary to LaRue Miller Elementary.  Third, fourth and fifth graders from Jean Coleman Elementary will move to an empty wing at Frank Seale Middle School for the first semester.  Administrators from Jean Coleman Elementary will be present on both campuses. 

“We strive to give each student the best education possible, and to do so; we need to ensure our classes each have their own classroom and do not have to share if possible,” said Coleman Elementary Principal Kara Wendel.  “We want to ensure a safe learning environment for our students to thrive.” 

The district is providing an opportunity for parents to ask questions about this delay and the campus changes. Coleman Elementary Principal Kara Wendel is hosting a Coleman Q & A night on August 1, at 6:00 p.m. at the L.A, Mills Administration Building Board Room.