Midlothian Independent School District


Midlothian ISD 2021 DI Team Placements and Awards for Global Finals

Midlothian ISD had 11 teams compete against the world’s top teams in the Global Finals Virtual Destination Imagination Tournament held in June and July 2021.

We had eight teams place in the top ten in their respective team challenges and two teams received medals for high placement in the top three. The Avocado Avengers from Walnut Grove Middle School and Dieterich Middle School received a bronze medal for third place and the Dino Detectives from Miller Elementary received a second place silver medal. The Dinocados Engineering team from WGMS and DMS also received two different Renaissance Awards for their engineering solutions in the team challenge as well as the fast flex challenge. This award is offered for exceptional skill in the areas of engineering, design, or performance.

The Global Finals, which had over 700 international teams competing, was 100% virtual and pushed our students to even greater heights of creativity than ever before! Because of the virtual format, our students had to combine their fine arts, engineering, theatrical, and problem-solving skills with a whole new set of technical skills needed to solve these all-new virtual challenges. The teams completed two team challenges, one which they worked on over the course of the year and an all new Fast-Flex Challenge, which they had only two weeks to complete. From video game creation to epic remixes of old stories, our students used their creative problem-solving skills in architecture, improvisation, design, video editing, and the use of green screens to reach all new heights of innovation.

Special Awards

DinoCados Renaissance Award-Fast Flex

The judges said, “This team awed the appraisers by engineering and constructing a roll up ferris wheel that rolls out as a bridge to span the divide between factions, Valiant and Virtuoso, and preserved the use of color in the combined entity of Vibrant! The engineering design and the subsequent fabrication and construction were very robust and blew the appraisal team away!”

Dinocados Renaissance Award-Team Challenge 

The judges said, “This team skillfully and creatively used many different video software programs and editing techniques to create a highly entertaining video presentation featuring two opposing, yet complementary characters, from factions Virtuoso and Valiant. The combination of the creativity of their storytelling and the adept use of technology left the appraisal team wishing for more!”

Full List of Results

Elementary Level

Dino Detectives from Miller Placed 2nd Place in Improv Challenge (Silver Medal)

  • Kylie Bryan, Liam Sturgin, Micah Moss, Addison Seeds, Cam Anderson, Payton Dowdy, Eve Pate
  • Team Manager: Kim Moss

Tilted Turtles from Miller Placed 8th in Technical Challenge 

  • Dylan Stumpff, Katelynn Andrle, Holden Krupa, Paige Pustejovsky, Makenzie Wright
  • Team Manager: Linda Stumpff

Curious Chameleons from Miller placed 8th Place in Fine Arts Challenge

  • Duncan Ballard, Micah Moss, Ella Stanley, Christian Teufel, Avery Barry, Kaleigh Malone, Caroline Riddle
  • Team Manager: Emily Stanley and Christina Teufel

Dancing Wizards Taco Lizards from Baxter Placed 9th in Fine Arts Challenge

  • Johnathon Shelton,Blake Hugaski, London Atchinson, Ainsley Taylor, Annyka Fernandez, Tatum Morgan, Jessica Meiser
  • Team Manager: Kristen Shelton

Dabbing Bananas from Miller placed 12th in Service Learning Challenge

  • Brooks Kent, Hailey Blackstock, Sophie Gorman, Carter Pillar, Grace Gardner
  • Team Managers: Hank Pendley and Kim Garner

Big Brainiacs from McClatchey placed 14th in Engineering Challenge

  • Graham Jenkins, Andrew Vick, Landri Leatherwood, Camy Hopkins, Kealan Allen, Emily Reid
  • Team Manager: Stacey Leatherwood

The Unknown from Baxter Placed 18th in Technical Challenge

  • Green Urquhart, Luke Fontenot, Baylee Bentle, Gage Koushan, Cade Richardson
  • Team Manager: Zach Urquhart

Middle School Level 

Avocado Avengers combined WGMS/DMS placed 3rd in Service Learning Challenge

  • Silas Moss, Sophie Tollefsbol, Caden Haught, Olivia Lewis, Clark Roberts, Kaleigh Chase
  • Team Manager: Kim Moss 

Pickle Unicorns from WGMS placed 4th in Improv Challenge

  • Julia Wiginton, Allegra Maggiora, Nick May, Haley Hamilton, Brennon Johnson
  • Team Managers: Sidney Maggiora and Carrie Hamilton

Dinocados combined WGMS/DMS placed 4th in Engineering & two Renaissance Award medals

  • Silas Moss, Sophie Tollefsbol, Clark Roberts, Olivia Lewis, Caden Haught
  • Team Manager: Kim Moss

Broadway Burritos from WGMS placed 5th in Improv Challenge

  • Brady Rogers, Grady Jenkins, Pearson Urquhart, Chloe Turk, Jenna Jacobsen, Kayte Brown
  • Team Managers: Katie Bergvall and Casey Nelson