Midlothian Independent School District


September Recognitions and Celebrations in MISD

Midlothian ISD celebrated National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month, Texas First Responders Day, Patriot's Day, Constitution Day and Celebrate Freedom Week this September. The district will celebrate American Indian Heritage Day at the end of the month. 

MISD recognizes National Hydrocephalus Awareness Month to increase public awareness of a serious neurological disease characterized by the abnormal buildup of cerebrospinal fluids in the brain's ventricles. Across the district, campuses include information about hydrocephalus in their newsletters, on social media, and posters around their campus. Some campuses wore blue to support the recognition and information in their announcements. Our head nurse, Wendy Hein, has shared information with the district that we will use to raise awareness through district social media channels and newsletters. 

On Monday, September 12, the district remembered September 11, 2001, by observing a minute of silence in honor of the day at campuses across the district. Libraries displayed books on this topic, and several campuses participated in a red, white, and blue day on Monday, September 12. Also, on September 11, the district recognized Texas First Responders Day with social media and website graphics and info in campus and district newsletters. J.R. Irvin Elementary held a First Responders Parade on Friday, September 9. Their students waved and cheered in appreciation for our community's first responders. 

Additionally, the district celebrated Constitution Day and Celebrate Freedom Week with patriotic colors, posters, and units of study in students' social studies classes. On September 30, the district will celebrate American Indian Heritage Day to honor the historical, cultural, and social contributions American Indian communities and leaders have made to Texas. For more information on these required recognitions, you can reference EHBK (LEGAL).