Midlothian Independent School District


District of Innovation Plan for MISD Archive

District of Innovation Committee Members
Dr. Lane Ledbetter Superintendent of Schools
Judy Walling Deputy Superintendent
Dr. Ashley Stewart Assistant Superintendent of Leadership, Innovation and Planning
KayLynn Day  Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources and Student Services
Jim Norris Assistant Superintendent of Finance & Operations
Brian Blackwell Secondary Principal
Courtney Carpenter Elementary Principal
Shannon West  Elementary Principal 
Shannon Thompson Elementary Principal
Jessica Trezza Elementary Assistant Principal
Melonie Bagby High School Classroom Teacher
Elizabeth Strange Middle School Classroom Teacher
Tracy Xavier Elementary Classroom Teacher
Erin Roberts Elementary Classroom Teacher
Shari Dawson Elementary Classroom Teacher
Rhonda Byler  Elementary Classroom Teacher
Becky Wiginton Elementary Counselor
Dave Scott  Community Business Leader