Midlothian Independent School District


Our Staff

Kristopher Vernon
Director of CTE / The MILE

Tyesha Glover
Assistant Principal, The MILE

Eric Hoff

Jodie Windsor

Paula Williams

Wendy Shepard
▪Culinary Arts
▪Practicum in Culinary Arts 
▪Practicum in Culinary Arts II  

Marcus Huff
▪Aerospace Engineering 
▪Civil Engineering 
▪Practicum in STEM 
▪Engineering Design and Presentation
▪Engineering Design and Problem Solving 

Nathan Pettijohn
▪Internetworking Technologies I 
▪Video Game Design 
▪Video Game Programming 

Demi Pratt
▪Practicum in Business 
▪Practicum in Entrepreneurship 
▪Business English

Patrick Hall
▪Video Game Programming
▪Advance Video Game Programming
▪Video Game Design 

Hannah Morin
▪Culinary Arts
▪Food Science