Midlothian Independent School District


Response to Intervention

Midlothian ISD uses a Response to Intervention (RtI) framework in reading and math.  RtI represents “a systematic method for evaluating the needs of all students and for fostering positive student outcomes through carefully selected and implemented interventions”. (FCRR, 2006) RtI is meant to prevent students from falling behind. It is not meant as a gateway to Special Education. Our goal is to intervene with students proactively, get them back at grade level, and exit them from the RtI process. 

The emphasis in our district is on prevention and early intervention. We know that if students are provided with effective reading and/or math instruction across general reading and/or math classrooms and reading and/or math interventions, we can substantially reduce the number of students with reading and/or math difficulties and disabilities. Each elementary campus is charged with establishing and implementing an RtI framework that follows the program and process guidelines outlined herein.