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Midlothian ISD is currently accepting new substitute applications for the 2020-2021 school year. Training details coming soon. 

Midlothian ISD pays $75 per day for substitutes with a high school diploma or GED, $80 per day for substitutes with a four-year college degree, and $90 per day for substitutes with teacher certification from any state. Substitute terms for the same teacher for longer than 10 consecutive days, the pay increases to $105, $115, and $135 for each level of certification. If a substitute is used for a paraprofessional, the rate is $75 per day, regardless of the certification level. Paraprofessional pay increases to $91 after 10 consecutive days for the same staff member.

New Substitute Information

Apply Now

Applicants must apply online using the FastTrack platform linked above. After completing the online application, applicants need to return to this page and print all documents in the Substitute Packet and return to the Administration Building at 100 Walter Stephenson Rd. 

If you are interested in applying for a permanent substitute position you must complete the application above and then apply for this position through the Teacher Job Network

Important Information: 

  • Substitute Applications will be available online only.  
  • After you complete the online application please bring the completed packet of information to the Administration Building including:
    • All 11 documents listed on this page (please complete all documents)
    • Copy of valid Drivers License (No passports will be accepted!)
    • Copy of Social Security Card (No passports will be accepted!) 
    • Copy of High School Diploma (If you do not have a college degree)
    • College transcripts (if applicable)
    • Teaching Certificate (if applicable)
    • Beneficiary social security number to complete the FICA alternative program form.
  • Once you complete your application if you need to complete fingerprinting you will receive an email from Texas Department of Safety with instructions on completing the fingerprint process. You will be responsible for paying the fingerprinting fee, which is approximately $48. 
  • Applicants meeting the criteria (including fingerprinting) and are approved to substitute teach will receive an email with training information one week prior to training. Only those who receive the email will be eligible to attend the training. 

New Substitute PacketAll documents in the packet are required. 

W-4 Form This is a required form. 

If you have any questions please contact the Substitute Coordinator at deborah_essary@misd.gs 

Returning Substitute Packet

Returning Substitute Packet deadline is August 31, 2020 by midnight in order to complete the insurance declination. 

Thank you for your continued interest in substituting with Midlothian ISD! We are excited to welcome you back!

The Returning Sub Pack is available online only. Please complete all documents to the right and return to the Administration Building. If you are unable to print you can visit the A.H. Meadows Library located at MHS to print. 

Returning Substitute Packet


You may be removed from the district's substitute roster if:

  • You have poor performance or misconduct
  • You repeatedly turn down or reject assignments, repeatedly unavailable for calls, or frequently cancel assigned positions
  • You do not accept a minimum of 5 assignments per month