Midlothian Independent School District


Campus Security & Visitors

Each of our campuses follow strict and uniformed access procedures. All visitors are required to visit the front office immediately upon accessing a school. ALL ADULT VISITORS will be required to present a valid form of photo identification (State issued driver’s license, state issued identification card, passport, military identification card, etc.) to our staff each and every time they visit a campus. Staff will review the identification to ensure that visitation is authorized. This may include use of the Raptor Visitor Management system to insure proper student contact, as well as scanning of state or county databases to ensure campus access is permitted. Following approval, visitors will be issued a visitor pass that is required to be displayed on the outer clothing and clearly visible to staff while on campus. For example, if you visited the campus in the morning and returned in the afternoon you will be required to reprocess your visit with the front office. All visitors are required to adhere to all campus rules while visiting. Failure may result in a visitor being asked to leave the campus.


Tips for Visiting a Campus

Below are tips to ensure the most out of visiting one of our campuses:

  • have a valid form of identification
  • check into the front office every time you visit
  • wear your Visitor ID tag at all times while on campus
  • report any suspicious activity
  • report anyone you see walking around campus without an MISD badge or visitor badge to the front office
  • follow the campus emergency procedures and staff directions
  • talk to your children about personal safety and security

For the safety of all students: 

  • staff will not be able to allow you access to the campus without presenting valid ID at the front office each and every time you visit
  • do not allow anyone to piggy back into secured areas of our schools. It is not discourteous to refuse to violate security practices
  • do not ask students or staff to let you into secured areas of our school 
  • do not prop open doors behind you 
  • always report a safety and security concern, don't assume someone else will do it.