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5 Star Rating for MISD

Texas Smart Schools

Texas Smart Schools Rating (Formerly FAST Rating)

Midlothian ISD achieved a “Five Star” rating in both years of reporting under the new Texas Smart Schools Rating guidelines.  In 2016, there were only 44 “Five Star” charter and public school districts.  There were 1,219 schools rated in 2016.

In 2015, there were only 46 “Five Star” charter and public school districts. There were 1,229 schools rated in 2015.

These ratings take into consideration academic progress and spending levels at Texas school districts.  Five stars reflect the strongest relative progress combined with the lowest relative spending.  

“ is built on the foundational work of the Financial Allocation Study for Texas (FAST) launched by Susan Combs during her tenure as Texas Comptroller. Now housed at Texans for Positive Economic Policy and administered by Texas A&M University in College Station, this online resource empowers school districts to benchmark themselves against their peers and enables parents to assess the quality of education their children are receiving compared to its cost. The goal is to improve education by identifying Smart Schools that are both effective and efficient, and then highlight their successful practices.”   (Texas for Positive Economic Policy website)

 Smart Scores Table