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Meet our Heritage School Counselors

National School Counseling Week - Get to Know Heritage High School Counselor Tiffany Gomez

Tiffany Gomez and Lexi Webster As a school counselor, what have you learned?
I have learned there is always more to the story and to listen between the lines because teenagers just want to be really heard. They are caught between two worlds - childhood and adulthood. Growing pains and inevitable, but they are a good thing.

As a school counselor, what do you want your students to know?
Their best interest is always my top priority. I care about them and the things that matter to them. I will drop everything for a student in crisis.

What influenced you or why did you become a school counselor?
My influences are deep-rooted. I have studied and pursued working with children and teens for as long as I can remember. As a school counselor, you get to be an advocate, an advisor, an impartial sounding board. It's an important role being someone who can come alongside a student and walk with them.

What is your favorite part of your job?
That's easy! Building relationships with students and watching them mature and change. Secondly, helping them build resiliency skills. 

What are your hopes for your students?
I have so many hopes. I want them to have individualized dreams and plans for their future. I want them to know how to work through conflicts with friends and family. I want them to know how to keep the good things and people in their lives, and how to walk away from the bad and the wisdom to know the difference. And I want them to find joy in their days at school and find a place to belong while they are here.