Midlothian Independent School District


Task Force


  1. To forward engineer the opening the 2020-2021 school year, ensuring instructional and operational continuity for probable scenarios related to COVID 19 and/or other infectious disease outbreaks. 
  2. In addition, to leverage the COVID 19 situation as an opportunity to move vision to reality in Public Education.


Phase 1 - May 2020
Task Force & Sub-Committee Research/Recommendations (104 stakeholders)

Phase 2 - June 2020
MISD Reopening Plan Drafted by District/Principal Core Team 

Phase 3 - July and August 2020
District & Campus Implementation of MISD Reopening Plan based o TEA Guidance
Parent Choice/Process for 2020-2021

May 6: Launch ThoughtExchange Activity to Task Force Members
May 7: Student Focus Groups
May 11:  Full Task Force Zoom Kickoff
May 21: Community ThoughtExchange
May 12 - May 29: Sub-Committees Research and Planned on Scenarios May 12-May 29 & Prelim Parent Choice Plan for 2020-2021
May 29 - May 31: Preliminary parent survey regarding plans for their child(ren) Fall 2020
June 2-3: Core Task Force reconvened with each individual sub-committee via Zoom (one hour sessions) to listen to scenario proposals & discuss questions/comments
June 4: Full Task Force reconvened to review timeline and next steps
June 5-10: Parent & Staff Calendar Survey
June 2020: District Action Team implemented Task Force recommendations based on current guidance from the Texas Education Agency and other national/state/county/local entities by developing the Mission: Moving Forward - MISD Plan for Reopening School.  
June 15: MISD DRAFT Plan for Reopening School presented at the Regular School Board Meeting & Addressed Calendar Adjustment 
June - July: Update Staff, Parents, and Community as guidance allows and plans become more solidified. Survey/Process to Parents for 2020-2021 Educational Choice Plans
June - August: Campuses plan for reopening based on current MISD Plan for Reopening School and TEA Guidance