Midlothian Independent School District



Why is the Board conducting a Superintendent Search?
As elected Board of Trustees, one of our primary roles is hiring and evaluating the Superintendent of Schools. In November, Dr. Lane Ledbetter was named as the Lone Finalist for Carroll ISD. With his departure, our Board of Trustees has started a superintendent search.

How long does a Superintendent Search take?
Superintendent searches may take a couple to several months, depending on the type of search. Our goal is to have a new superintendent named by May 2021.

What types of searches are there?
There are several types of searches. There is an internal search where districts are looking within the organization to lead the district. There is also an external search where districts are looking outside the district for candidates. These external searches may include in-state and out-of-state candidates.

Why are some meetings in Closed Session and some public?
The hiring of a Superintendent is considered a Human Resource function; therefore, candidate names are kept confidential. Due to this type of confidentiality, Texas School Boards name a lone finalist before contract approval. This allows for a 21-day waiting period from naming the lone finalist to contract approval providing the opportunity for further vetting of the candidate.

Can we know who applied and who interviewed?
Due to the Human Resource functionality, candidate names will not be released to the public. However, a district can share the number of applications and how many candidates are in-state and out-of-state.

Will the community have an opportunity for input?
During the Superintendent Search process, a Board of Trustees will seek a Request for Proposal. As part of this RFP process, input opportunities for the community are included. Additionally, a Board of Trustees may request additional input opportunities beyond what is outlined by the search firm proposal.

Will staff have an opportunity for input?
Yes, our MISD staff will have an opportunity to provide input.

How does someone apply for the position?
The Superintendent of Schools posting is made public and anyone interested may apply and submit their application to the search firm.

What is the anticipated timeline for the process?
The Board of Trustees hopes to have the search process completed before May 2021.

To ask additional questions, please email Karen Fitzgerald at karen.fitzgerald@misd.gs.